Ainsleigh’s first day of Kindergarten

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So Ainsleigh started Kindergarten this year. We never got around to documenting it here on our site, but as it is already half way through the year, I thought I would post these videos, so that we don’t forget what she looked like on her first day of school.


Baby Delaney Annabelle is finally here!

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On December 31, 2013, Christine and I welcomed baby Delaney Annabelle Hull into the world. A New Year’s Eve baby? Yep.


A family update

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I’ll readily admit it has been a very long time since we updated this blog. Since moving back to Reno, we have been able to update everyone pretty regularly about our family activities.


We have a new website: Windy Pinwheel

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We’ve been very busy working on a new website called Windy Pinwheel. Come check it out.


A New Job for Will, Christine Traveling, and Daycare Arrangements

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Will got a new job, Christine had a road trip and we are busy setting up arrangements for daycare for our children. The adventure continues…


All Settled and Ready for Action

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We’re all settled from our second move in under a year and back in our home town of Reno, Nevada.


This Circus is on the move again

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Change is the only thing that is constant, something I have heard so many times in my life and it seems to be so true for our family. We are hoping this change is the last big change for our family but also a wonderful and positive change for us. The Hulls are headed home […]


We’ve Moved – We’ve Joined the Circus

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Today, we announce the new website/blog for dc-hulls.com. It is now HullabalooFamily.com. Come, join us at the Hullabaloo Circus.


Rollin’ Thunder

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This weekend our daughter got a new bike (not the tricycle, hard-wheel type), but a bonafide bike, complete with training wheels. She absolutely loves it. She is pretty good at pedaling already as well. As Christine said, “Lance Armstrong, eat your heart out.”


Coming Soon… A New Web Address

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To coincide with our move to San Diego, California, we are going to change the URL of our blog for family / friends to http://sd-hulls.com. It’s along the same lines as dc-hulls but we are putting an SD spin on it. This change will go into effect within the next couple months. I am shooting […]