A family update

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I’ll readily admit it has been a very long time since we updated this blog. Since moving back to Reno, we have been able to update everyone pretty regularly about our family activities.


Decorating the New House

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When moving into a new house you have to figure out how the things you already have will work in the space that is there, you also tend to want to get some new things to make your new space work. Luckily I had enough time before starting my new job to really unpack and […]


All Settled and Ready for Action

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We’re all settled from our second move in under a year and back in our home town of Reno, Nevada.


back yard re-do

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when we first moved into our townhouse the owner told us we could do whatever we wanted with the backyard. of course we didn’t want to spend a fortune making someone else’s backyard a paradise but while we live here we want to be comfortable. will and i have always really enjoyed working in the […]


Hotel Hull

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pOn Monday evening, the Hull household was delighted to invite a fellow fraternity brother and grand-lil’ bro into our home and has enacted the a href=”http://www.sigepfeds.org/2009/01/red-door-policy.html” target=”_blank” title=”Learn more about the Red Door Policy at SigEpFeds.org”Red Door Policy of the SigEp/a./ppAs is likely with the area, many people strike out to make their impact in […]


Why Don’t Vacuums Come With Instructions?

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pSo, Christine was doing some house cleaning today and for a while now we have been wondering why the hose on our Dyson was loosing suction. We, for the longest time, were thinking that the Dyson commercials were full of crap until we found the root of the problem. There is a filter at the […]


Toby turns 3 today!

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Toby, our little boy beagle is 3 years old today. Its really hard to believe its been three years since that little 4lb puppy came off the plane to meet us. He and his little sister are truly enjoying their new backyard as well as his birthday present which was a doggy door. Here are […]


We’re all moved in…

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The story continues… We are now officially all moved into our new place. After a weekend of lifting this, shoving that, hiking this up the stairs, putting together that, connecting this and vacuuming up that, we are finally in a home with a backyard, a room for our future little one and Toby and Tess […]


Christine’s Birthday

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First I want to thank everyone for the birthday calls and e-mails. I have such a wonderful family and amazing friends. I also have a pretty awesome husband, he paid for the deductible on my car (I had a little incident about two weeks ago with a pole in a parking garage) and took me […]


Join Will’s Change.org Community

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Hello everyone, It’s been a while since we have posted anything, this we will readily admit. Life has been crazy the past week or two as we have been gearing up for our move to an area just outside the beltway. On Tuesday we voted, we had difference of opinion in who to vote for […]