A New Job for Will, Christine Traveling, and Daycare Arrangements

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Will got a new job, Christine had a road trip and we are busy setting up arrangements for daycare for our children. The adventure continues…


Photos From Mount Vernon and More…

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pThis past weekend, Christine, Bonnie “Noni,” the kids and I all ventured to the Mount Vernon Estate. You might remember Mount Vernon in your history books as the home of George and Martha Washington. George Washington also happened to be the General of the Continental Army and first President of the United States. George and […]


Big things happening in the Hull Family

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Tomorrow is the last Saturday of our very extended family vacation. On Monday, we will all set our alarms and head back to work…yes that’s right…Will has accepted a job and will be starting work on Monday. We are so excited and proud of him. br /My teaching contract begins on Monday and Ainsleigh gets […]


Missing in Action from Bloggerville

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who could it be…oh yes its the dc-hulls! So sorry to our followers (and mainly to Nana our most loyal follower). br /We are so behind on our blogging…so here’s some updatesbr /br /Ainsleigh is now 22 months old. She is talking up a storm and is even able to say almost all the numbers […]


My Husband

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divFor any of you out there that read our blog have been newlyweds and new parents all with in the same year know how stressful it can be. Add one person in graduate school, two demanding full time jobs and very little to no family for about 3,000 miles, life can be hectic and crazy. […]


A Weekend Chock Full O’ Stuff

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pThis past weekend was the great invigorator for not only myself but my family. Not only was it Mother’s Day weekend, but I was out of school and it is a feeling that can only be equated to jumping up in the air and clicking my heels together and shouting “whoopee!” Unfortunately, I must return […]


Ainsleigh’s update

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pSo let me start with an Ainsleigh update./ppThe little one is getting big very quickly, she is now 10 months old and getting closer and closer to the big 1 year!/ppOn our trip to San Diego, she spent the entire plane ride waving and saying “hi” to everyone on the plane. She probably only slept […]


The whole Hull update

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pSo as mentioned a little bit earlier I have been a bad, bad blogger. Will even reminded me a couple of weeks ago that I haven’t posted in a while. Officially it’s been about a month since I posted something of substance./ppIn that time Ainsleigh and I have been to San Diego and back. Had […]


It’s the Weekend: So I’ve Heard

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pChristine, Ainsleigh and I all got to enjoy some social time this weekend with the fellow moms and dads of her Ning.com group, Mommas amp; Munchkins (MMs) outside of when I was completing my second over 10-pager of the semester working on research for my third and getting the specifications for my fourth. On Saturday […]


Happy Birthday Christine!!!

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pTwenty-eight years ago, an angel was brought into this world, just for me. A person who, despite my selfishness, loves me for who I am and is infinitely someone who inspires me and devotes herself to everything but herself. Today, my beautiful wife, is your day. This is your day to take for yourself; to […]