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div class=”separator” style=”border-bottom: medium none; border-left: medium none; border-right: medium none; border-top: medium none; clear: both; text-align: left;”That’s right…I am a Master of Education! I finally finished my Master’s degree this past summer. I really never thought I would do it, when we left Reno in June of 2005 I thought I would never finish […]


101 Goals in 1001 Days Progress Update

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Pa href=”http://www.dc-hulls.com/2009/01/new-year-resolution-go-big-or-go-home.html” target=”_parent”img style=”float:right; margin:.5em; border:2px solid #740145;” src=”http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j197/sigepbro95/1001days.jpg” title=”101 Goals in 1001 Days List” alt=”101 Goals in 1001 Days List”/aToday, with a little time on my hands, I was able to update our a href=”http://www.dc-hulls.com/2009/01/new-year-resolution-go-big-or-go-home.html” target=”_parent”101 goals in 1001 days list/a./ppIt is really amazing what we have accomplished so far, but we still have […]


Big things happening in the Hull Family

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Tomorrow is the last Saturday of our very extended family vacation. On Monday, we will all set our alarms and head back to work…yes that’s right…Will has accepted a job and will be starting work on Monday. We are so excited and proud of him. br /My teaching contract begins on Monday and Ainsleigh gets […]


Missing in Action from Bloggerville

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who could it be…oh yes its the dc-hulls! So sorry to our followers (and mainly to Nana our most loyal follower). br /We are so behind on our blogging…so here’s some updatesbr /br /Ainsleigh is now 22 months old. She is talking up a storm and is even able to say almost all the numbers […]


It’s Official – I Have My Masters

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pSomething came in the mail today. Pretty inconspicuous and ordinary. It was an envelope that said, “Do not bend.” It must have been important./ppSo I opened it./pdiv style=”text-align:center; margin-top:.5em; margin-bottom:.5em;” align=”center”a href=”http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4066/4399354181_e942523996_b.jpg” target=”_blank”img src=”http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4066/4399354181_e942523996.jpg” style=”border:none;”/a/divpI guess this validates all of those long nights, reading and writing paper after paper on the idiosyncrasies of public administration, […]


Learn a Little About the Area Where I Go to School

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pSo, as many of you know, we live in the Washington, DC area. It’s great. Right now, however the humidity is starting to kick in for the summer, so that we could most definitely do without./pPThe reason why I am writing today is to share a video with you about the area where I go […]


Memorial Day Play Date

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div align=”left”Today Ainsleigh and I went to meet up with our mom’s group to have a little lunch and play time. Since Ainsleigh is a very lucky little girl and has two cars, we decided to pack them up in the car and share with all her friends. If you look on our photo stream […]


A Post about the Intention to Post

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pSorry to everyone who follows us. I know we are sporadic at times, but we have a good reason for a delay in our posts recently./ppAs we mentioned, we did make it to the Smithsonian American History Museum. Our day, however didn’t go as planned last Friday. So, once I get a moment and near […]


Back to School (Work)

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a href=”http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_RLNAFqWpPgg/SLmnFhm_OqI/AAAAAAAAAMQ/NzwqHhJw3yU/s1600-h/P1010799.JPG”img id=”BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5240403354785364642″ style=”FLOAT: left; MARGIN: 0px 10px 10px 0px; CURSOR: hand” alt=”” src=”http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_RLNAFqWpPgg/SLmnFhm_OqI/AAAAAAAAAMQ/NzwqHhJw3yU/s320/P1010799.JPG” border=”0″ //abr /pCan you hear the pencils being sharpened? The weather is starting to cool (well a little bit), the leaves will be falling soon, and the stores are full of my favorite items…SCHOOL SUPPLIES!/ppWhile this is definately one of my […]


One Awesome Anniversary Gift – Baseball at Camden Yards

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pimg style=”border:none;” src=”http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j197/sigepbro95/Stupid%20Stuff/go_red_sox.jpg” align=”left” hspace=”5″ vspace=”5″ border=”0″ alt=”Go Red Sox”Tonight, I get to see the a href=”http://www.baseballlibrary.com/teams/team.php?team=Boston_Red_Sox” target=”_blank” title=”Learn more about the Boston Red Sox”Boston Red Sox/a for the second time this year (not bad for seeing them play, in person for the first time during my life just this year). My thoughtful and creative […]