Missing in Action from Bloggerville

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who could it be…oh yes its the dc-hulls! So sorry to our followers (and mainly to Nana our most loyal follower). br /We are so behind on our blogging…so here’s some updatesbr /br /Ainsleigh is now 22 months old. She is talking up a storm and is even able to say almost all the numbers […]


Swinging Into Spring

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pWhile I was home taking care of Ainsleigh when she was home recovering from a slight fever, we got to get out and enjoy a sunny early Spring-like day. I took her over to our neighborhood park. I had my iPhone on me, so I took a brief video./pdiv style=”clear: both; margin-top: 0.5em; text-align: center; […]


A Weekend Chock Full O’ Stuff

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pThis past weekend was the great invigorator for not only myself but my family. Not only was it Mother’s Day weekend, but I was out of school and it is a feeling that can only be equated to jumping up in the air and clicking my heels together and shouting “whoopee!” Unfortunately, I must return […]


A Couple Minutes at Farragut Square in Washington, DC

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pI decided to bring the Nikon D60 camera with me to work today because the past couple of days, or more like a week, I have been wishing I had it with me because there is so much vivid color and natural beauty all around me each day on the walk to and from the […]


A Moment at the Playground – With My First Pair of Chuck Taylor’s

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pTaking a moment from writing my midterms (I had two this weekend for my two classes) and shopping for groceries for the coming week, Christine, Ainsleigh and I went to the playground in our neighborhood. The day was wonderful. So wonderful, in fact, that we almost broke a sweat due to a mild, very mild, […]