Nolan’s birth announcement

div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;""br /We wish we could send this out to everyone we know but in case one doesn't arrive in your mailbox, here is Nolan's birth announcement. I have gotten very much into the red and blue colors for him (even...

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I know they say babies can't smile this early on but I swear when Nolan is dreaming he often smiles. The faces he makes (and the noises) while he is sleeping are so precious. I find it hard to put him down and let him...

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Final Appointment

This morning we all got up very early (after a week of getting to sleep in, Ainsleigh and I both had a very hard time with this) and headed over to the hospital for one last check up with mynbsp;obstetriciannbsp;and to get all my pre-op...

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