Baby Delaney (Smiles), Source: Flickr

Baby Delaney Annabelle is finally here!

On December 31, 2013, Christine and I welcomed baby Delaney Annabelle Hull into the world. You might be thinking to yourself, a New Year’s Eve baby? Yep. We had a scheduled C section to

  1. Get the tax break; and
  2. Because our health insurance deductible was already satisfied, it made the cost of delivery bearable.

She was officially due on January 7, 2014, but due to Christine having a fused pelvis, we were bound for a C section regardless. So, we scheduled as early as we could to meet our latest and final bundle of joy.

Since she was born, she has blessed our lives in innumerable ways. Not only does our family feel complete, she is showing us how to slow down and take the moment in because we won’t have it again with another baby. She is a great baby. She is very mellow and rarely cries at this point. She sleeps well too (a couple of times she has slept up to 8 hours and for a newborn, that is amazing).

Well, enough of me jibber-jabbing. Below you will find a short video of her in action and a slideshow of some newborn photos that I took with my Nikon D5200. I processed them through Adobe Lightroom 3.6 and I think they turned out really well.

Baby Delaney and Daddy from Christine Hull on Vimeo.
Just hanging out. Less than a month old.

As always, you can check out all of our photos on Flickr whenever you like.

Which photo is your favorite?

Leave us a comment with a link to the image and share with us your favorite photo of ours on Flickr.

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