Letting Go

Have you ever had an experience where you had a chance to take a leap of faith and trust in yourself that you were fully capable of achieving a goal?

That sounds really flighty and dreamy right. Believing in yourself, having faith that you are capable, knowing that you can actually do something you dream of.

In all honesty, a year ago if I had been asked to participate in a trapeze class, I would have used my back and hip issues as an excuse. I would have politely said, “I will cheer everyone on, my back and hip won’t allow me to participate.”

Something inside of me almost immediately said, “yet, let’s do that”.

“yes let’s do that.”

In the weeks leading up the the class I had moments of doubt, I had moments of fear, and I certainly thought up a few excuses in my head. But the day came and I put my self in the situation and said, regardless of what happens when I climb up there, I am going to leave today knowing I tried my hardest to do this.

Photos taken by Jessica Rowland Photography

Finding Meaning

That day, it really wasn’t about the trapeze-although one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life-it was about life in general. If we are constantly making excuses so we don’t ever have to take a leap of faith, we aren’t allowing ourselves to be brave. We aren’t allowing ourselves to grow and to become better humans. We aren’t showing our children that by taking risks we learn the biggest lessons. We aren’t finding new ways to believe in ourselves and our abilities.

There is a pretty popular quote that says: “But what if I fall…but darling what if you fly?” I have always loved this quote, but taking that leap and actually flying this quote became so much more meaningful.

“But what if I fall…but darling what if you fly?”

Let that simmer, take some time to think about that. “If it’s both terrifying and amazing…then you should definitely pursue it”

Christine Hull

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