Our Adventures

If you know us, you know we raise a ruckus wherever we go…we like to travel, explore our hometown, but we are also homebodies and enjoy cooking, baking, and crafting together. We’ve always got something going on, check out some of our adventures.

Reflections on 2018 Word of the Year
I remember the first time I ever read this poem. A friend posted it and I remember being in a pretty low place with our son. Things were rough, REALLY rough. I remember being so lost in our very own Holland that it truly didn't hit me that this beautiful description of raising a special needs child was so spot on.
Hello and welcome! We are so excited you are here.   This blog used to serve as a way to update our family about our adventures when we lived several thousand miles away. When we moved back to our hometown and had our youngest daughter...
Letting Go
I didn’t make a resolution like I normally do this year, instead I wanted to choose a word that encompasses everything I envision for 2018.
Ainsleigh at Mt. Rose Elementary School, Reno, Nevada, Source: Flickr
Baby Delaney (Smiles), Source: Flickr
Hull Family, January 2014, Source: Flickr
Windy Pinwheel Blue Pinwheel
Ainsleigh on a carousel, Source: Flickr
14 Days of Love ~ Love Notes for Children
Decorating the New House
Reno Arch
Clown Shoes
The 5K
Sweet Potatoes