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pWe promised and by golly we are going to deliver. Below are the first pictures released from Christine and Ainsleigh’s spring break vacation in San Diego from April 4-12, 2009. Ainsleigh is just getting happier by the day.

Ainsleigh got to see a real-life Sophie while in San Diego. Sophie is her rubber giraffe teething toy. It’s one of her favorites, outside of the frog in the car and her Elmo phone.

My personal favorite is the one of Ainsleigh reaching for the camera in an antique finish. She is just adorable and too much for words. Well, anyway, Christine may update this post with her own thoughts, but please do enjoy the pictures below. Also, the final two pictures were taken yesterday among 70 others at a “soft play” in Alexandria. A “soft play” is similar to what we know in Reno as a Gymboree or a little kids play area at any local arcade, but this is just the right size for babies. Please take a moment and view our latest photos in our “

By the way, I took some time today and updated the look of the blog. Not much of a big change, just something different. Feel free to let us know if you like it or not.



Will Hull, MPA

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  • Anonymous


    Will, having grown up in the days before color film, I prefer COLOR! Did you see the few pictures I took in San Diego? The one of the baby standing beside the tub is adorable. Is that too racy for your website? It was wonderful to see both girls and to marvel at how fast Ainsleigh is growing /Love,br /Nana Jean

    April 23, 2009 at 2:57 AM
  • Will Hull


    Yeah, we cannot show any child nudity because this is public domain and some people can misconstrue the nature of the posting of the picture. So we choose not to. So to answer your question, they are great, just we cannot have anything from the waist-down uncovered. br /br /I understand your preference for color, but having grown up in the era of color I find color to be the mundane and not artistic. So I like to see ways that the pictures can look when modified with tinting and shading. It is how I get better — by experimenting with my photo editing software. I hope you understand. Beside that Sepia toned picture of Ainsleigh is still a great capture and I like it better with the sepia tone over it. For me it evokes a great deal of emotion just looking at /br /Thanks for commenting. I was waiting until someone would. I really like to hear what people think who read our blog.

    April 23, 2009 at 3:22 PM

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