36 week update…

Yes folks that’s less than 30 days until we are supposed to meet our daughter.

I had my Dr’s appointment on Monday and Miss Ainsleigh has dropped down a bit so she is getting ready to arrive.

She said I am measuring right on track, which means we should have a healthy normal size baby.

Overall I feel rather uncomfortable and am having a hard time sleeping, but I do know its all worth it.

I have a four day weekend this weekend for Memorial day and plan to do Ainsleigh’s laundry and pack our hospital bags.

Will and I went on the hospital tour yesterday and got to see the wonderfully uncomfortable beds that we will get to lounge in while we are meeting our little girl.
Next week we meet with two possible day care providers, the pediatrician, and my OB to go over the birth plan. Things are really moving along now.

We will keep everyone updated.


Christine Hull

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