Surprise Baby Shower

What amazing friends I have!

Today after school under the assumption I was headed to a meeting I was surprised by a large group of all the women I have grown close to at work. One of the ladies set up her room with Pink and Green decor. There were 6 desks put together to hold all the gifts.

I am blown away by their love and support and am so grateful for all the great stuff I was given.

We had some yummy finger foods, including really cute pink cupcakes and homemade spinach dip. I got to sit on my little throne and open presents while everyone chatted about babies and life.

After all the presents were opened, we had to figure out how to get all this to my car, teachers are so resourceful, one of the girls went and found a cart and we piled it all on and took it out via the elevator.

So now we have just a few things left to get before our little one arrives, and we will be set. We should be meeting her sometime in the next month.

Adding: pictures of the invites that I finally snagged today!


Christine Hull


  • Anonymous


    Looking good in your new dress and very motherly. Seems strange to me to see my first granddaughter full of new life. How great you work with such nice people to shower you with baby stuff. Your daughter may need two rooms before she even gets here with all the things that you have accumulated for her.BR/Nana Jean

    May 16, 2008 at 8:38 PM
  • Sandy


    WOO HOO for surprise parties…what a sweet blessing…now all you need is a baby LOL

    May 16, 2008 at 11:29 PM

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