We have a date!

Baby Boy Hull will be arriving on November 9th at 8am. I know it seems crazy to already know that but our doctor is wonderful and was able to get us on the hospital schedule this early so my parents could make their flight arrangements. We have actually had the date for about 6 weeks now but the hospital made it official yesterday. That means we only have a little over 100 days until we meet our little man. br /We had our 23 week check up yesterday and his heart was beating great, I am growing perfectly and haven’t gained very much weight at all!!! I will take another bump picture next week at 24 weeks.

We are still working on a name, but have decided to disassemble our guest room and let the little guy have his own room. Ainsleigh struggles with sleep a bit and the pediatrician even recommended that if we have the room to have them sleep apart. Good thing our townhouse is a three bedroom and we have an aero bed for guests to crash on.

Ainsleigh and I got back from our trip on Monday evening and are still adjusting to the time difference but are getting there. I have tons of pictures to post of our trip, we had a great time and we had so many adventures. Even though we were there for 5 weeks we didn’t get to do all the things I thought we would, especially seeing all the family (its just too HUGE).

More updates to come soon.


Christine Hull

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