Quick Update-from the Mom’s perspective

Its been quite sometime since I was able to sit at the computer for more than 5 minutes so since my little one is currently taking a snooze in the Ergo carrier I thought I would take some time to update everyone.

So many of you know I was induced on June 25 after being about a week late. Ainsleigh was being stubborn but once the drugs hit me, she came out pretty quickly. I was given the first medicine at 5am at which point I was dilated to 2cm, by 8am I had moved to almost 4cm and was given one hour off the monitors to walk around to see if I could get a jump start on things. By 9am I was on the pitocin and at 5cm. At that point I told Will to run and get my dad who was staying at a hotel near our house, since it was still rush hour I knew it would take a while, so off he went and on went labor for me. I called him a while later and told him to hurry because my contractions were getting strong and painful. They were coming on about every 2 minutes and I was getting uncomfortable, never one to be a hero, I asked the nurse to call the Dr. to order an epidural, she told me I had to finish my whole saline bag first (it was only about 1/3 of the way done-yikes). She called the Dr. who was going to do the epidural and by the time he and Will arrived with my dad my saline bag was almost gone, at this point I was almost 7cm. Things were moving along quickly. Once the epidural was set up, they upped my pitocin a bit to keep things rolling and by about 2pm the midwife who delivered me said she thought I would be pushing by 3pm, and she was right, I started pushing right after 3 and by 4:12 our daughter was born.

I was stunned it had all just happened so fast. I was sure I would wind up with a c-section so the fact that I had just given birth the old fashion way and didn’t get my epidural until 7cm was a huge shocker to me. Ainsleigh weight 7lbs 14oz and is the spitting image of me, she is beautiful and honestly is a really good baby, so at this point I figure she is behaving for a while since she gave me hell while in the womb.

We came home on the 27th and my mom has been with me ever since, she left yesterday morning and I am on my own now. Will is doing really well and adjusting to fatherhood and is getting better about waking up at night, since I am breastfeeding there isn’t a whole lot for him to do but he is great at calming her down when she acts like she might starve to death. Ainsleigh sleeps about 4 hours at a time at night and loves to eat, we have had some latching problems with breastfeeding but are working our way through it.

I am not one to sit in the house so I go out almost everyday, even if its just to meet a friend for lunch. We have already had three play dates (well the babies sleep and the mommies gab). I am madly in love with Ainsleigh and am so grateful that she finally decided to join us. I love not being pregnant anymore, pregnancy is just not for me, motherhood is wonderful though.

She has already changed and grown so much to me, she is starting to be more alert now and is watching things intently, she has started following the mobile in her swing which is so cool to see. I could stare at her all day long, which is what I do a lot.

I promise to be a little better about updating the blog, but Will is going to continue to upload photos into the flickr account since Ainsleigh has her paparazzi following her constantly.


Christine Hull

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  • Laura Wilson


    Ainsleigh is adorable and I can’t wait finally meet her in a few weeks. I also can’t wait to see how much she’ll grow the years to come. Congrats again! Enjoy every minute because before you know it she’ll be all grown up and off to college.

    July 19, 2008 at 7:57 PM

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