Halfway there!

We made it-wow halfway to meeting the newest member of our family. We had an ultrasound this morning (Monday, January 28) and everything is looking perfect. In fact the baby is a little big (shocking right) but it looks like we will be meeting a certain someone in just about 20 weeks.

We will be sending out a little update with our new address and such so watch your mailboxes.

The packing for the big move will be starting soon and I will be celebrating my 27th birthday in about three weeks.

It’s been pretty cold here, a little bit of snow but a mild winter so far.

I think that’s all for now, I will post some belly pics soon, I am still in the sorta “hmm I think she might be pregnant stage” so give me a few weeks to really pop out.


Christine Hull

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  • Anonymous


    It’s a little strange to be sitting here and looking at my first great-grandchild. I’m sure that child will be as smart as his/her mother and father. Just think, a few short months ago Christine you and Will were all dressed up in wedding finery -now a baby. God bless all three of you.BR/Nana Jean

    January 30, 2008 at 1:27 AM

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