Happy Nevada Day! (Christine’s History Version)

I know many of you are thinking, what? Nevada Day? Yes, today is Halloween and most people are celebrating it by dressing up in their favorite costume (more of Ainsleigh’s first Halloween to come tomorrow). But today is a special day for us Nevadans. Its the anniversary of the day President Lincoln admitted Nevada into the Union as a state.

On October 31, 1864, Nevada became the 36th state. It also became a Union state during the civil war tipping the scales of free vs. slave states between the south and the north.

Many people say that had it not been for the war, Nevada might not have ever become a state (or perhaps much later).

So being that I am a history teacher and a Nevadan this day has always been rather important to me.

I know we don’t live there anymore and probably never will live there again, but for Will and I, Nevada will always be emhome./em

So here is to Nevada, 144 years of statehood!

Christine Hull

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