A whole new wine country

Today we took my Uncle Rick (my dad’s older brother) and Aunt Becky out to Western Virginia for a day in Virginia’s wineries. It was a perfect fall day in VA, the air was crisp but not too cold. The sun was out and all the trees were at their peak fall color.

We stopped at 3 wineries in this order, “Three Fox Vineyards, “Naked Mountain Vineyards (their slogan is “Drink Naked”) and “Barrel Oak Winery. According to Will, the wines got better as we went on. We got a bottle from Three Fox Vineyards and two from Barrel Oak Winery. They were really good.

These pictures immediately below were taken at the second winery when Ainsleigh and I found a nice shady spot on this huge lawn area and played for about an hour while Will took Rick and Becky for some tasting inside.

At “Three Fox Vineyards, they had a Halloween theme going on, the Statue of Liberty served Will, Rick and Becky and they had a really good Sarah Palin look-alike walking around, we all had a double take upon entering.

While Ainsleigh didn’t like being in her car seat very much, she did enjoy some family time once we got there. She was a real trooper. We had the absolute best and most relaxing day possible. We will definitely go back.

Here is my Uncle Rick with Ainsleigh (my Uncle is also my Godfather), he was very excited to spend some time with Ainsleigh this week while they were visiting from California (they live in Sonoma County)
Uncle Rick with Ainsleigh

And here are some pictures of Ainsleigh in a harvest set up at the last winery we stopped at. Will and I had to get some photos of us with Ainsleigh at this one because it was just so beautiful.

Ainsleigh in a harvest set up

Well we didn’t make it to a pumpkin patch, but this was pretty close”
We didn't make it to a pumpkin patch, but this was pretty close

We were taking a little break”
Taking a little break

Ainsleigh’s first picture at the tasting table br /(Will is training her early)br /The last four pictures were taken at”
Barrel Oak Winery
Will is training her early


Christine Hull

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  • Jill


    How fun that Rick and Becky visited! If they are still there, say hi from us. Ainsleigh is getting so big.

    November 2, 2008 at 4:34 AM

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