other new toy!

The singing mirror was our other big buy from the sale. This retails for about $50 and I got it for $5. It is missing the microphone (its supposed to be a karoke thing).br /It is probably the best $5 I have spent in a long time. She has been playing with it non-stop since I brought it home and cleaned it all /”br br br div”br


Christine Hull

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    Aren’t church sales like that fun? It is especially fun when you get two buys like you did on Saturday. It would appear Ainsleigh will love playing with her “car” as much as you did the one you had when you were small. Now if you can figure out how to push her in the car and hold the two dogs on their lease at the same time you’ll be fine.BR/Love you dear souls,BR/Nana Jean

    March 31, 2009 at 1:38 AM

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