34 weeks (only 6 weeks to go)

I had my 34 week appointment the other day and I wanted to update everyone.

Ainsleigh finally moved into the head down position and is getting stronger everyday. Her movements are pretty intense sometimes-I think she is trying to push for more room. She gets the hiccups about 3-5 times a day. Last night Will was able to feel them as they were make my entire stomach bounce. The Dr. said the hiccups are a good thing.

I am still going to prenatal yoga once a week and Will and I will begin a month full of appointments. We are going to do a hospital tour, meet some possible day care providers, meet the pediatrician we are thinking about going with, and of course in the last month I will go to the OB weekly.

I have scheduled my last day of work to be June 4th, so that I will have the last week or so to just rest and get any last minute stuff ready for Ainsleigh’s arrival.

Will finished his semester this last Monday and did incredibly well, one year of grad school down. He is not going to take any classes this summer so we can have time as a family.

We will be traveling for two weeks to California and Nevada to visit family and for everyone to meet Ainsleigh.

So for now we just wait to see when Ainsleigh decides to arrive.

Christine Hull


  • Anonymous


    Congratulations Will! One down and how many more to go? Is Grad school 4 years?BR/BR/Congratulations too Chris for staying on your feet and teaching through all day morning sickness, etc. I’m sure this little girl will be worth everything but hope you don’t plan on a little brother very soon.BR/BR/Love to you both,BR/Nana

    May 8, 2008 at 12:35 AM
  • Will Hull


    The rate that I am going (six credits per semester), if I take summers off, I will get done in a total of three years. It is a 36 credit program (Public Administration) in case anyone doesn’t know why I am attending grad school. So I guess, I may end up speeding it up by the time next summer rolls around and take a couple where I could get done by the fall of 2009, but that is just an estimate, at the latest it will be the spring of 2010. BR/BR/Thanks.

    May 8, 2008 at 7:18 PM

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