leaving…on a jet plane…won’t be back until july!

yahoo for us…its summer time! summer time a bit early because I am presenting at a conference next week in San Diego (yes little old me, presenting at a conference). Then I head to another conference in Denver (while Ainsleigh has some Noni bonding time). br /The second conference is the kick off to an administration program I am starting with three other co-workers. At the end of it (next June) I will have my admin license so I can be a principal, curriculum specialist or some other fancy position in central office for a school district. what I really want to do it coordinate an online learning program and work from home…ahh only in my dreams. br /Anyway, Ainsleigh and I leave on Tuesday for San Diego and then Will gets to join us a few days later and stay until Ainsleigh’s birthday.

After all my conferences Ainsleigh and I head to Reno to hang with the family and finally down to Northern California to see the rest of the family…another whirlwind trip but so worth it…hopefully I will want to come back…haha!

I am sure great photos of Ainsleigh enjoying the West Coast will be popping up here soon…check back later.


Christine Hull

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