Ainsleigh’s update

pSo let me start with an Ainsleigh update.

The little one is getting big very quickly, she is now 10 months old and getting closer and closer to the big 1 year!

On our trip to San Diego, she spent the entire plane ride waving and saying “hi” to everyone on the plane. She probably only slept about 20 minutes. She was just a little social butterfly on our trip. We had a ton of fun. Spent most of the week playing outside, taking walks and got to see Ryan, Danielle and Scott a couple of times. Ainsleigh and Ryan still adore each other.

During the trip she also started saying “uh-oh” it is by far the cutest thing ever, well I guess her giggle is really the best, but uh-oh is a close second.

She also has waving down pat and also signs “all done”.

Ainsleigh loves to talk to us and is working on “mama” and “dada” (saying “ah-dah” right now).

Our little girl has a very independent streak just like her parents and already wants to walk. She is a great crawler but has been pulling up for about a month and is always walking with assistance. She has started cruising around the furniture, both Will and I are hoping she takes her first steps before we leave for California again.

She can also climb up the stairs on her own now, of course I follow behind her but she is determined to get up the stairs on her own.

Here are some recent photos and video (I took most of the video shortly after she ate and she had a puff attached to her leg, please excuse the messiness, she is a self eater now, as you will see she tells me no when I try to feed her-she does let Will feed her though, Daddy’s little girl!)


Christine Hull

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