Big things happening in the Hull Family

Tomorrow is the last Saturday of our very extended family vacation. On Monday, we will all set our alarms and head back to work…yes that’s right…Will has accepted a job and will be starting work on Monday. We are so excited and proud of him. br /My teaching contract begins on Monday and Ainsleigh gets to go back to Ms. Maria’s she is beyond excited to see all her friends. She hasn’t been to day care since the second week in June, we had a wonderful long summer with so many adventures…the perfect last summer of being an only child for our little girl.

Ainsleigh also has taken a couple of big steps towards being ready to be a big sister. She has finally stopped drinking her milk out of the Born Free bottles, she had moved to a sippy topper over a year ago, but was pretty set on drinking out of those particular bottles for milk, she has been using straw cups for about a week now. She actually didn’t give us too much of a fight about it.

We are down to about 12 weeks until our son arrives, I go in next week for a check up and will have an ultrasound the last week in August to see if my placenta has moved.

My grades will be posted by Monday for my Master’s so hopefully with in the next week I will have the degree posted on my transcripts…which is very exciting…I assume the piece of paper will arrive with in the next month.

Noni is coming into town over the next couple of weeks for a few days here and there between conferences and will help us start organizing the room and getting everything ready for November. We will post photos soon!

Also our little book business, has been invited to be a vendor at the Baby Loves Disco event next weekend…its pretty big as they are a national event and its great advertisement!

So that’s our update…a lot happening and we have been keeping pretty busy.

Christine Hull

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