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div”br Ainsleigh has been sick since last Monday. I noticed when we went to the park she was starting to pull on her ear, so by Wednesday I took her in and my mother’s instinct was right and she had an ear infection. She was not sleeping well all week and by the weekend was barely napping. Saturday night she woke up with a fever of over 102. We did not get very much sleep that night (no one, me, Will, Ainsleigh or even my mom who happened to be in town). By Sunday afternoon the fever finally broke out of the 100’s. Sleeping was still a struggle but she did sleep through most of the night. Fast forward to today (Tuesday). Our daycare provider noticed she had two bumps on her tongue. I immediately called the Dr. and we got an appointment at 6:50. So off we went.


I was thinking strep throat because she has also really been fighting us on eating and did not eat any solids for lunch or dinner yesterday or today. But no…she actually has Hand, Foot amp; Mouth Disease. HFMD is a virus. Here is the “

The one good thing is that the Dr. told me to go ahead and give her ice cream and popsicles to help calm her mouth and throat. Tragedy right, sure it sucks to not feel good, but getting to stay home and hang out with your parents and your Noni and get treats the entire time! Sounds like the kind of sick I want to be.


Christine Hull


  • Anonymous


    I#39;m still stunned by this and glad you sent the website after our phone conversation. Here I raised three children and this is the ONE THING we never experienced. Poor baby, hope she is feeling better and glad Bon can come into town to help out. Hopefully by Monday she will be fine. It is always a relief when they get old enough to tell you where they /Hugs to all,br /Nana

    June 3, 2009 at 4:36 AM
  • Jill


    It#39;s so sad when they get sick. And so hard when you can#39;t clearly tell what#39;s wrong. Glad your mom is there to help you out with her, hopefully she will be on the mend soon. Love that she gets the ice cream and popsicles, I better not tell my kids, that would be the kind of sick they want to be as well.

    June 4, 2009 at 3:52 AM

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