8 months old!

pAinsleigh is 8 months old today, honestly I cannot believe how the time has flown.

So here is a little update on the munchkin…/pulliher ear infection from last week did not go away, as of today she is on the second level of anitbiotics for another 10 days (I think she will be ear infection prone like her mommy)/liliShe is emalmost/em crawling, she gets up and rocks on her knees a lot. /liliShe has three teeth and I can see about three-five more on their way/liliShe absolutely loves Toby and Tessa, she squeals with delight when she sees them/liliShe also emloves/em her Daddy and gets a huge smile every she sees him walk into a room./liliAinsleigh still enjoys jumping in her jumparoo and bounces whenever possible even out of the jumparoo/liliHer day care provider and assistant seem to really enjoy spending their days with her, they honestly get so excited when we drop her off in the morning. /lilistrongShe is such a happy baby and Will and I are amazed every day at how much joy she brings into our lives! (oh and we both think she just gets cuter and cuter!)/strong/li/ul

brThe SIDS foundation would be mortified by this photo but I think its adorable!

br”I love toys”


Christine Hull

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