Toby and Tess have a fascination for squirrels, especially the ones who run across our back fence. Tonight Tess was outside for about 30 minutes just waiting for a squirrel sighting, she will let out a huge bark and let Toby know that its time to come out and get the squirrel. They have quite a system going. Luckily its still early and most of our neighbors have dogs who also seem to be on the “hunt” so we haven’t gotten any complaints about beagle howling.

br /I caught some pictures of them when they were being good beagles and “hunting” for squirrels.

br /”


Christine Hull

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  • Anonymous


    Good hunting dogs from MO like your Toby Tess love to hunt squirrels. Of course the squirrels will love to tease the dogs and stay high up on the fence. Leave some nuts on top of the fence and you will have more squirrels for them to bark at ( probably will hear your neighbors complain then).BR/Nana Jean

    May 29, 2008 at 3:02 PM

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