5 weeks

It is 12:14am and I am sitting here trying to get Nolan to calm down to go to sleep, singing him the same songs that calm Ainsleigh, I realize that not only is he 5 weeks old today but that I am so blessed to have him in our lives. Last year at this time we were preparing to have a baby only to find out that baby would never be. Only a few short months later we discovered Nolan was on the way and we knew he was going to be such a wonderful and perfect addition to our family. So far he has absolutely proven that to be true. He is really a good baby, loves to be held and calms down instantly when he is snuggling up against someone. He doesn’t mind his crazy sister at all, he seems to have no problem with all her kisses and loud singing. br /All I asked for him to be was healthy and a good eater and he is both of those things. He truly is the best Christmas present any mama could ask for and I am so in love with him and our family.

I really feel so lucky to have such great kids (even when there are temper tantrums or naughty behavior), everyday is a new adventure.


br /center”

Christine Hull

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    His rash is worse since I left.

    December 14, 2010 at 6:19 AM

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