"Sleeping like a baby"

divEver heard that expression? When I first had a baby I didn’t really understand it but last night Ainsleigh proved that sleeping like a baby is a true expression.


When I picked her up at daycare, she was crying and Maria (day care provider) said that she did not sleep very well all day. So I was a little worried, I had noticed the past few days she has been struggling with sleep.


As soon as we got home I filled up a bottle for her and took her straight upstairs to take a nap. She fought me a little at first but with in a short time she finally fell asleep.


And guess what…she didn’t wake up until THIS MORNING!”This was the scene in her room this morning (she takes naps with blankets for comfort but since she never woke up from her emnap/em she was still in her clothes amp; diaper from the day before and still had her blanket and teddy bear blankie in bed with her-I know bad mommy!



Christine Hull

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  • Will Hull


    Christine, you forgot to mention the deuce she had in her diaper. It wasn’t very big though. I am with you on it though. If it isn’t bothering her, leave her be. I know, I know there could be bacteria that could get to her vajayjay, it was mostly dry and not very much at all. BR/BR/Just wanted everyone to know the full story. Parents will do anything to make sure their kid sleeps sometimes, including not worrying about the diaper, if it means waking her up without getting back to sleep. Just don’t want to risk it.

    December 12, 2008 at 5:50 PM

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