Future CEO of Google, Inc?

Is it possible to already have a genius child? I am thinking that Ainsleigh is so smart, she really loves computers (I know all babies love to press buttons, but she really has a unique obsession with all computers). /pbr /pThis is why we got her a baby laptop for Christmas. She just loves to play with the keys and anytime she can possibly get her hands on the “real” computers she is a very happy girl.

This past Saturday, I was trying to get ready for my big mom’s night out with the girls and had been looking up the movie time for us girls. Ainsleigh decided to help and rolled over to the computer.

She was hanging out while I was getting ready.

Since she loves computers so much, I think she will do something in her adult life with computers. I really think my child is brillant (but don’t all parents).

Anyway, enjoy some photos and videos of the munchkin in her glory!



Christine Hull

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  • Ann R.


    Gwen LOVES computers as well! I’ve given up even trying to work on mine while holding her, she gets her hands right in there and wants to “help.” And her obsession doesn’t end there, it seems to carry over into most electronic devices.

    February 10, 2009 at 1:32 AM

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