Decorating the New House

When moving into a new house you have to figure out how the things you already have will work in the space that is there, you also tend to want to get some new things to make your new space work. Luckily I had enough time before starting my new job to really unpack and get our house situated. Coming from our tiny little townhouse in Alexandria to a much bigger one story home in Reno we fit very comfortably. I also kept reminding myself we didn’t need to use everything that we had in boxes, so we do still have quite a bit in the garage that we need to figure out what to do with. We have already taken one trip to Goodwill.

I have become slightly obsessed with Pinterest and found several “projects” I wanted to complete to help make this house feel like home.


My first project was actually the quickest and simplest project. I got the idea here and of course found it on Pinterest. Its a super easy burlap door wreath. We even made a smaller version with a pink heart and pink ribbon for Ainsleigh’s Valentine’s Day project, that one is not yet complete.

My next project was this set of kitchen prints found here and through Pinterest. I had them printed at Costco and we found the frames on sale at Micheal’s.

This project was probably the best project of them all, because even though I was inspired by several others I had found, I made these on my own and had them printed on 5×7 photo paper at Costco. We also tried several framing arrangments but with all the colors on the prints and in the bathroom the white simple frames seemed to really work for them.

You can see bigger shots of them at my Etsy Store

My last project (for now anyway…when my mom comes to visit in a couple of weeks I am sure I will have more) was a photo wall of our little family. I also love the quote “live, laugh, love” its something that means a lot to our family and I thought  it added a little nice center on the photo wall. I am still not sure about the photo arrangement but Will made me promise to leave it alone for now.

I still need to finish the bedrooms and need to take photos with our DSLR instead of my iPhone, so I can share the rest of the house. I am really in love with this house, my dad helped us house hunt since we weren’t here and this house is just perfect for our family right now. Wait until you see my closet…haha.


Until next time…

Christine Hull

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