Sleeping in a big girl bed-kinda

pAinsleigh has had a rough summer with sleeping (odd since she has always been a great sleeper). We have narrowed the sleeping issues down to teething (4 molars and 2 other teeth trying to work through), sleeping in the same room as me, and sleeping in a pack and play (not so comfortable).

In order to deal with the last one, I got her an aero toddler bed. She loves it, I can’t believe our little girl is able to sleep in a toddler bed. I don’t have her sleep in it all the time, but when she is really tired and falls asleep easily I let her stay on that, otherwise she won’t sleep.

So here she is on her big girl bed. Now when we get home we have to decide if she will be able to stay in her crib or if we will have to bite the bullet and make her bed a toddler bed.

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brPlaying on her new bed

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How cute is her new pillow, my mom found this brzoo animal/polka dot bedding at Target on clearance!

br style=”text-align:center; clear:both;” align=”center”>brAsleep, fast asleepbr(Yes that is a disposible diaper. brFor those of you who watch our blog,brI was waiting for our new diapers to arrive, more in another post)

brFast asleep again, with her sophie

Christine Hull

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