Back to School (Work)

Can you hear the pencils being sharpened? The weather is starting to cool (well a little bit), the leaves will be falling soon, and the stores are full of my favorite items…SCHOOL SUPPLIES!

While this is definately one of my favorite moments every year (I still don’t sleep the night before school starts-I am such a nerd), this year it is bittersweet because the start of school means Ainsleigh will be starting day care.

This past week has been busy for us, last weekend my mom came in for a couple of days and helped us finish unpacking, organizing and getting things together for the coming year. Then Ainsleigh went to hang out with her friend Bonnie for the day on Monday, while I went to work for the day (not my mom Bonnie, but another baby named Bonnie-her mom and I met while pregnant in yoga class).

Ainsleigh had her first set of shots on Tuesday and so we laid low the rest of the week to make sure she was not going to have any negative reactions, but since she is rather perfect, everything seems to be fine.

On Friday, Ainsleigh went to school with me and was quite a hit among all the faculty. She was very well behaved at her first faculty meeting, which is a good thing because we have two new principals who probably weren’t expecting all the teachers to bring their babies (two other new mommies brought their babies).

After the very tiring meeting, Ainsleigh slept in the Moby Wrap while I got some work done in my classroom and got things all set up for the coming week.

Will started school this past week as well, his second year of Grad School. So far he is feeling positive about his classes. He will be gone on Thursday nights and every other Friday night and Saturday.

So for the rest of the weekend we will all be spending some much needed time on the house because while all this was going on, we had construction going on at the house, our entire shower had to be replaced which took about 8 days of work (the dogs got to spend all that time at Petsmart Doggy Day Camp).

Also by request, here is a brighter video of Ainsleigh playing in her gym. She really loves the Fisher Price Rainforest equipment. If you notice, she went through a little growth spurt this past week and now has those cute chunky baby legs…I will try to take more video and post more often.

Christine Hull


  • Anonymous


    Was that Tess or Toby that almost got their nose kicked? What wonderful toys they have for children now. Thanks for posting one that is nice and light.BR/Nana Jean

    August 31, 2008 at 7:36 PM
  • Winston Family Blog


    Thanks for the comment! I check your religiously too!! We got the pool floatie at Target- my fav store. I will definitly look into the widgits- thanks!

    September 5, 2008 at 4:26 PM

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