The Big ONE!

pYes folks that’s right, Ainsleigh is ONE! Can you even believe it? We really can’t. This year has flown by.

Will and I think we have finally hit our stride as parents, or at least until she really starts walking.

Ainsleigh is a really great little girl. She sleeps well and is finally starting to eat well. She is very happy and loving. She is adventurous and curious. She’s also very independent (wonder where she gets that from?)

She is also pretty advanced for her age (in my opinion she is brilliant). She has a great vocabulary and is almost walking as you have seen in some other posts. She can climb the stairs and all over everything else. She mimics a lot of what we do and is pretty stubborn about eating on her own and holding her own drink.

So here are here one year stats:br /On June 19th she weighed 19lbs 12oz and was 30 inches longbr /emspan style=”font-size:85%;”*which means she has gained about 12lbs (right on target-infants are supposed to gain 1lb a month) and has grown 10 inches over the last year!*/span/embr /span style=”font-size:85%;”Her weight is in the 25th percentile and her height is in the 75th percentile./span

Ainsleigh can say all the following words now:/pulliMama;/liliDad (ada, dada);/liliTessa;/liliIsha (day care friend);/liliup;/liliwhat’s that;/liliwhat’s this;/lilihi;/lilifish;/liliall done;/liliya; and/liliuh-oh (our favorite)./li/ulpAinsleigh is also great with non verbal communication. She shakes her head no, she signs all done, when she is ready to get out of the crib, bath or high chair she leans towards Will or me with her arms open big. She will pat your back if you are holding her to help calm herself down. She rubs her left eye and pulls at her left ear if she is tired and if she is overwhelmed she will hide her face in my shoulder. When she is happy she claps and smiles.

We feel incredibly lucky to have such a great little girl and are looking forward to the next stage-the toddler years!

P.S. we took the birthday girl to the Baltimore Aquarium so we will post photos soon, until then here are some more photos of her enjoying some birthday presents.

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Christine Hull

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