Ainsleigh Loves to Ride on the Train

pYesterday, we (Christine, Nolan, Ainsleigh, Bonnie and I) all piled into our SUV and ventured to the Tyson’s Corner Mall, a nearby mall that is actually two malls across the street from each other. Tyson’s I has your basic mall stores and Tyson’s II has all of the upscale stores such as Louis Vitton and Ralph Lauren, etc. At Tyson’s I, at the top there is a kids play area, food court, movie theater and a train that kids can ride on for $3 (by themselves) or $5 (with an adult). Ainsleigh and I spent some time away from Christine, Bonnie and Nolan and went to the kids play area. While we were there we also rode the train. Below is some video from that experience. She absolutely loves riding the train.


Will Hull, MPA

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