Quick Update

Well there is nothing to update really-I am still pregnant. Apparently Ainsleigh is very comfortable and doesn’t want to join us quite yet. Our next appointment is on Friday so if nothing has happened by then the Dr. will discuss our options, but until then I wait.

Will has a conference for work this week so he has been really busy which is good, at least one of us needs to keep busy.

The dogs are keeping me company and take naps with me. They watch TV with me and are probably enjoying their last little bit of mommy time before I have to focus on the baby.

So that’s it for now folks…hopefully we will have a baby annoucement very soon!


Christine Hull

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  • Sandy


    Doing great! Soon you’ll have that little blessing in your arms…BR/=)

    June 19, 2008 at 11:04 AM

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