Happy Birthday Toby!

Today our little boy Toby turned 5 years old. He’s always acted like such an old grumpy man that being a 5 year old dog suits him, he sounds old and mature.

We started off the morning with Ainsleigh giving him a big hug and a kiss, then he got to stay home with Will (who was working from home) and he ended his day with a special treat of wet/canned dog food (Toby and Tess have very sensitive stomachs so they can’t eat canned food a lot).

He had a great day and will get to do his favorite thing this weekend, go to the Pets Hotel while we are in Philadelphia. He will love getting to play with all the other dogs.

Happy Birthday Toby!!!!

We love you bubba!


Christine Hull

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  • Anonymous


    So, Toby will let Ainsleigh kiss and hug him now without fear that she is going to bite him or hurt him in some way?

    March 4, 2010 at 4:56 AM

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