Our San Diego Trip

For Spring Break this year, our family had to split up. Will headed to Boise for the first few days for his brother’s wedding. He served as the Best Man and was able to spend some time with his parents and family. He took some great photos of the wedding so I will let him post those. br /The day after he got back, Ainsleigh and I headed to San Diego for our annual spring trip. This year we had big plans to do absolutely nothing! We just vegged the whole time. Had a couple play dates with her God-Brother Ryan and dyed Easter Eggs. br /She also decided that running around the backyard naked was indeed a good time. So I don’t have any many photos as I would have liked too!

We did take one road trip, we had our annual lunch at Cheesecake Factory with Alexys and Eleanor. Its amazing how big the girls have gotten in just one year. They loved each other and gave each other lots of hugs.

Instead of uploading a bunch of photos, check out the slideshow below.

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