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who could it be…oh yes its the dc-hulls! So sorry to our followers (and mainly to Nana our most loyal follower). br /We are so behind on our blogging…so here’s some updates

Ainsleigh is now 22 months old. She is talking up a storm and is even able to say almost all the numbers 1-10 and says the first part of the alphabet. Its so cute, she is so proud of herself and I promise we are going to get video of her new skills!

We are still working on potty training but don’t think we will be done until this summer when I can focus on it. She is doing so well in Day Care, she loves all her friends and refuses to leave until she has either hugged or kissed all of them. She blows kisses and says “see ya” to everything. br /Ainsleigh has recently become very interested in transportation, “big trucks” and “bus” are her favorites, luckily she gets to see a lot of them as well as her third favorite the “choo choo” just outside our front door. The street outside our court has become incredibly busy as the Army has started moving almost 10,000 jobs to the base just about a mile from our house.

Will has been busy helping with Ainsleigh and did get a fun guys night when our friends Jenny and Gary hosted Poker Night for Dads in March. Otherwise he has been Mr. Mom while I am incredibly busy with grad school, work, Hullabaloo and all the other things I can never put my hand down for. I am still teaching my online AP course, which is over in about two weeks when my kids take their AP exam. I also taught an online professional development class to a group of teachers from all over Northern Virginia this year. I will begin developing an online professional development course wiht a co-worker this spring and will for sure be finishing my masters this summer. The most exciting news on the school end for me is that I have been accepted to Johns Hopkins University to their Administration program. I will be getting a graduate certificate in Admin (which is what I would need to go any higher in the school district including principal if I ever wanted to do that). Its an online program that will take one year. The program kicks off at the ISTE conference in Denver. I am working on this program with two other colleagues so it will be nice to have others helping out when needed. br /Life is never dull in the Hull household…so that’s our lives as of recent. I promise we will keep up more, now that Spring is in full bloom we will hopefully have some more videos and photos of Miss A and her energetic self!

So below are many new posts with our happenings over the past few months!

Christine Hull

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    Thanks for all the updates. The wonderful pictures and movies help bridge the gap of 3,000+ /Love,br /Nana

    April 30, 2010 at 1:03 AM

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