13 Weeks and Counting

Okay folks we are in the home stretch of the 1st trimester which means our miscarriage rate has basically gone down to 1% or 2%. That’s the good news. I have now had three ultrasounds, only one was planned.

The first one Will posted about, we got the day before Thanksgiving and both Will and my Mom got to see. That was our first site of the heartbeat and baby Hull. The following week we had a bit of a scare as I woke up and had some spotting, so off to the ultrasound place where they showed our little one doing water aerobics.

Last week I went to a special OB to do some genetic testing, which turned out to all be perfect.

We won’t get another peek at junior until the end of January.

Since around 5 weeks pregnant (so two months) I have had pretty bad morning sickness and this week it really got bad. In fact I was in the ER yesterday to replenish my fluids through an IV since I was getting really dehydrated. Apparently they don’t mess around with pregnant ladies and fix these sorts of things immediately. I have been given a bunch of medicines and so far today has been a good day. Toby and Tess have enjoyed me staying home all week.

I will go back to work next Monday for a week then we have Winter Break, which will be nice.

So needless to say pregnancy does not really agree with me, I do have a little bump already which just tells me this kid is going to be a big one. I have been trying to take pictures of my bump as is grows, but the last set Will took were not very flattering of me, so I will take new ones soon and post them for all the world to see my ever expanding front side.

Will and I are still pretty sure we won’t be finding out what the baby is until it arrives in June.

So I did have some time today to finally get our Christmas Cards labels made so hopefully those will get out in the mail by Saturday.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Christine Hull

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  • Jill


    Ahh, sorry you had to go the IV route, I had that with Jack. The yucky morning sickness I am blaming on the McMenomy genes by the way. No one on my moms side had it. Hope you are feeling better soon!

    December 14, 2007 at 8:14 PM

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