20 Months Old…and some updates on the dc-hulls

Like many of my friends I never understood the whole moms who counted how old their kids were by the weeks, months, even days sometimes. But I get it now. If I say Ainsleigh is 1 year old, that doesn’t really fit who she is, and she is very far beyond 18 months old now…honestly, she is such a grown up little girl. When I see her running around and talking all the time, I realize she is not a baby anymore, she is a little kid.nbsp; br /She has such a strong fun entertaining personality. She is very opinionated and knows exactly what she wants. She is such a friendly little girl (usually we have to walk around an entire restaraunt if we eat out so she can say hello to everyone). She is incredibly smart, I know all parents say that but she seems to just get things and her vocabulary is quite impressive. For the most part Will and I can understand everything she says, asks for, and I even understand her stories now. br /She is also really funny, she has a great sense of humor. For example this afternoon she climbed up the stairs while I was on the phone standing at the bottom of the stairs and yelled out “Check it out” proudly showing off her stair climbing abilities!br /I would have to say her funniest behavior is when ever she is mad about something Will and I have told her she can’t do, she picks up anything that resembles a phone to call her Noni, the proceeds to “tattle” on me (and sometimes Will). She will have these very long drawn out and incredibly detailed conversations with her Noni. The other day she even started to pull a suitcase in her room to pack up some of Noni’s things and her own things. Apparently she loves her Noni!

As for some other updates…I recently celebrated the first time I will turn 29!br class=”separator” style=”clear: both; text-align: center;””


Christine Hull

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