Summer, summer, summertime

pWhat is one of the best things about being a teacher? Duh! /Being a mom and a teacher can be a little rough during the school year but the summer time makes up for that.

This summer Ainsleigh and I spent pretty much the entire vacation at my Nana’s house taking care of her as she recovers from back surgery.

Ainsleigh has grown up so much during the 5 weeks we have spent out here, so I wanted to share some of the adventures we have had. em*please be advised that many of these photos, Miss Ainsleigh looks a little grumpy, I know weird right because somehow I left my super happy baby at home in Alexandria and found a grumpy, non-sleeping toddler here in Napa-actually Ainsleigh has been trying to work on four molars at one time while we have been here*/em

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loving the wonderful Mexican food in Californiabr

align=”center”> playing in my childhood rocking chair

climbing (she’s always climbing)

div” getting into the chocolate syrup

em/emplaying in the waterbr /br her favorite thing all summer-riding on Nana’s walker

div” gardening

div”making stir-fry with Nick

div” riding the fire truck br /

Christine Hull

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