Baby Annoucement

Baby Ainsleigh Madelynn's Official Announcement

br /pWe sent out the official Ainsleigh annoucement last Friday, I believe most people should have gotten them by now, but a few people won’t be getting them because I didn’t have your address before she was born and that is when I printed the labels (I was trying to anticipate the fact I would have no time).

We got really cute stamps made with the help of a few great friends (Jamy amp; Sarah) and the entire annoucement is the same theme and colors as Ainsleigh’s room (pink and green polka dots).

The three of us leave on Friday afternoon for our big west coast adventure. We will be getting Ainsleigh baptized, and she will be meeting the rest of her grandparents and extended family along the way. Wish us luck, we are rather nervous about getting through the airport with all our crap.

strongspan style=”font-size:85%;”Photos on the annoucement were taken by Kate Headley/span/strong


Christine Hull

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