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The last time Will and I were in Philly we were caught in a horrible rain storm, the hurricane type of rain…it was before we had even moved to the East Coast. We wound up spending most of the time in our hotel with our friend Matt (old DC roomie) and my mom. We played Scene It….anyway this time was a much better trip.

As soon as we got there we arrived at a very busy hotel in a beautiful historic neighborhood. It was so pretty, we had to switch rooms once as they gave us double beds…double bed and Will don’t mix! So by the time we got to our room, Ainsleigh had seen the pool…which meant we had to take her swimming but of course her forgetful mommy did not bring swim gear for anyone in the family.

We had plans to meet our good friends Alyssa and Kareem with their newborn son for lunch, so they found our hotel and we walked to a local pizza place. We had a great time chatting and catching up with them. On our walk back to the hotel we stopped by a CVS and got Miss Ainsleigh some swim diapers (with Nemo on them of course). She was thrilled to immediately “swim” that’s all she talked about all afternoon and of course our room looked out onto the pool (indoor pool) so we could not escape it. I rolled up my yoga pants and waded in the kiddie pool with her. It was perfect for her, she splashed and splashed and we had to drag her out in order to get ready for Elmo (another post I promise).

After our Elmo adventure our little munchkin lost her voice but we wound up waking up very early the next morning so we decided to explore a bit before we were meeting some other friends at the Please Touch Museum. Below are some photos Will took (he’s getting pretty good with the camera) You can of course check out our flickr page for more photos.

Smile for the Camera
Liberty Bell [front]
Running with Snow
Stop for a Smile

At the Museumbr /handing the tickets over so we can go inbr /”Please Touch Museum: Tickets
Please Touch Museum: Queen of Clubsbr /A bit of a neat freak like her Nonibr /”Please Touch Museum: House Cleaningbr /Excuse me I am trying to drivebr /”Please Touch Museum: Big Truck Driverbr /Having a Tea Party in the Alice in Wonderland area with her friend Aidenbr /”Please Touch Museum: Tea with the Mad Hatterbr /Loving the Carousel (just like her mommy used to)br /”Please Touch Museum: Riding the Carouselbr /Of course we have to find the water activities-our little fishbr /”Please Touch Museum: Playing with Boatsbr /Daddy and Ainsleigh made a foam airplane and used the pulley system to make it flybr /”Please Touch Museum: Watch It Fly


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