18 Months Old (already)!

strongMerry Christmas to all and Happy 18th Month Birthday to Miss Ainsleigh!!!/strong

We honestly cannot believe that our little girl is such a big girl now. She is a full fledged toddler who runs, climbs and talks. She has such a great little personality and is a constant source of joy in our lives. I wanted to post her 18 month update. At her Dr’s appointment she was 22.5lbs (her height and head circumference escape my memory but both were right at the 50th percentile).

Ainsleigh loves Toby and Tessa, the reverse is not always the case but for the most part Toby and Tess kinda like her. She loves her Da-de and her Mommy and most days would prefer to be right next to us as much as possible.

We have gathered quite a circle of other children that she plays with a lot and enjoys going to daycare. She absolutely loves her teacher Ms. Maria and all her little friends there, she knows many of their names and loves to give them all hugs. She gets to do quite a lot of art work at day care and is becoming very good with the coloring crayons (she only tries to eat them once in a while instead of everytime-haha!)

Ainsleigh is a tomboy and has Will’s personality through and through. She is very adventurous and curious. She loves to explore and will climb anything (the kid has amazing upper body strength). Since I don’t have any new photos of her right now I wanted to share her word list. I have been trying to keep track so when she is older I can tell her about her language development. We are incredibly proud of her words at this point. I am sure I have forgotten a few here and there but these are the /ulli1st word: Hi!/lili2nd word/first phrase: Uh-Oh!/lili3rd word: Mama, Mom, Mommy (yes she says all three, depends on how badly she wants me or how irritated she is)/lili4th word: da-de (daddy)/li/ulbr nbsp;other words since thenbr /ulliToby (sounds like “oby”)/liliTessa (sounds like “essa”)/lilidog (sounds like “og”)/liliall done (sometimes with the sign, but usually not)/liliNana (my grandma’s name)/liliGrandpa (ampa)/liliNoni (we can’t always get her to say it but sometimes)/lilibye/liliaqua (the spanish version ofnbsp;water)/lilishoe (she is obssesed with shoes)/liliI want/liliAinsleigh (ishleigh)/liliIsha (a girl at day care)/liliBryce (Mom’s group friend)/liliup/lilidown/lilibath/lilimilk/lilihot/lilini-ni (night)/liliApol (apple)/lililight/lilihere you go/liliwhoa/lilihorsies/liliho ho ho/lilimine/lilisnow/liliElmo (she has developed an obsession recently)/liliNoddynbsp;nbsp;/lilimoo (for cow)/lilimeow (for cat)/li/uland her favorite wordbr /ullino/li/ul

Christine Hull

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