A Holiday Rough Patch

I know that Christine may find it difficult to post this information, so I am going to post this little bit of news to inform our friends and /Today, Christine and I were scheduled for our 11 week ultrasound to get some measurements and to run our initial genetic screening. A couple weeks ago, we saw our baby with its heart beating. Today, that wasn’t the case. From the information that the doctor provided us, the baby stopped growing about a week to a week and a half ago. It wasn’t forming properly at that time and there was a sack around the embryo that, the way it was described by the doctor, could have been its stomach and other organs trying to form outside its body. Needless to say, and this is terribly difficult for me to write, we have to have a Damp;C at the hospital tomorrow. For those who don’t know, a Damp;C means that we need to remove the baby from the uterus. The procedure shouldn’t take too /We’ll provide an update later on. We apologize, in advance for the space between now and then, but we will be taking some time to ourselves over the holiday break to sort all of this out together as a /Before I go, I want to formally state that we are incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful and beautiful baby girl. She is so spirited and happy that she is everything worth living for in this world. She is our muse and strength to get through all of this. We love her so much and are so glad that she is a part of our lives. I know, down deep that she is the person in this family that will help us overcome and persevere when this ordeal is /We hope you have a wonderful holiday and a happy New Year.


Will Hull, MPA

Front-End Web Developer, Nonprofit professional, SigEp Alumnus who holds a Masters in Public Administration living in the San Diego, CA Metro Area


  • Anonymous


    God bless you both and keep you strong. How I long to be there to hold you and comfort you both. Several of my friends join me in praying for you as you go through this most difficult time of loss. Thanks for the calls Christine and you know Nana loves you very /br /Hugs,br /Nana

    December 24, 2009 at 3:03 AM
  • Nicole


    much love and prayers to your family over this holiday season. christine you have my number and if you need ANYTHING please dont hesitate to call. Stay close to Ainsleigh because she will give you comfort and perspective through this whole thing. God Bless

    December 24, 2009 at 11:50 AM
  • Michael


    I know this must have been incredibly difficult to deal with. It#39;s such a scary but real possibility in any pregnancy, and it#39;s never the reality you expect to encounter. I know your hearts must ache, and mine aches for you as well. But, you#39;re right – you#39;ve got a lovely daughter to be able to turn to when you need a little sunshine on a cloudy day. Love you.

    December 26, 2009 at 8:08 AM

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