All Hail the Arrival of the HD Pocket Camera (in 1080p)

It was amazing what Kodak packaged into this little baby and its features far outweigh the Flip in just about every way. There is a built in HDMI jack so that when Christine is at her friends’ houses or family members house she can just plug the camera into any HD TV with an HDMI cable. Also, the feature I like best is the ability to take SD memory cards so, just like a point-n-click camera, we can switch out memory whenever we want without being forced to make the decision to delete something. We bought an 8GB SD card for about $25 which holds about 2 hours of HD video at the highest resolution. We could have spluged for the 32GB SD card at $70-100, but that is for another day when we need more memory for video. This camera shoots all the way up to 1080p resolution which beats the highest end Flip video camera that has 720p. The higher resolution makes for a much more crisp picture. Also, the “

This camera isn’t supposed to replace any old handheld camera with sound and quality, however. It is meant to be something quick you can grab at a moments notice and capture every funny, action-packed moment with Ainsleigh and our activities. One of the best features relates to this mdash; it turns on in about 1.5 seconds and is ready to capture whatever is going on around it. This is awesome considering most of the stuff we’d like to capture lasts, right now, only a few moments. One, in particular I would have liked to catch was Ainsleigh walking around the house with a green beach bucket on her head and bumping into things. It was hilarious and now it is only a memory that Christine, Christine’s mother, Bonnie and I can share because we were there to see it. Truly, it was funny.

This camera can take still pictures, just like a point and click camera at 5 megapixels (our SLR camera shoots at I belive 10 megapixels), so it isn’t the best of pictures, but is sure beats looking for your point-and-click when Ainsleigh is doing something around the house. There is a lithium ion battery and it is replaceable so that if the battery fails we can always get another (we bought an extra one at $32, just in case) and it allows you to film and when the batter runs out you can just switch it out. Further, there is facial recognition software that detects and lights the face appropriately for each situation. It is amazing so far.

My only question is what this cammera cannot do. I really still love our SLR Nikon D60 because of the beautiful pictures it takes, but I really wanted the video to go with it. This is our chance. At $180 from Best Buy, this was the purchase for us and will likely last us the next couple of years, pending that nothing happens to it in the normal wear and tear that can happen to cameras around little children and busy parents.

We should now post videos in the near future of what is going on in our lives as well as pictures.

I know that the new regulations haven’t taken effect yet, but I would just like to disclose that I was not prompted in any way to talk about this product and it is purely my opinion of it.

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Will Hull, MPA

Front-End Web Developer, Nonprofit professional, SigEp Alumnus who holds a Masters in Public Administration living in the San Diego, CA Metro Area

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    Sounds wonderful Will. I wish we had it this summer when Christine and Ainsleigh were here. Ainsleigh was learning to walk good, picking little tomatoes off the vine and eating them. All of that is captured in my memory but we can#39;t share with you or others, darn it. Now, I look forward to many more movies of our darling baby /Love,br /Nana

    October 20, 2009 at 3:04 AM

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