Good Daddy

Last night Ainsleigh fell while trying to get down from the dining room table. She must have gotten her foot caught because normally she can climb up and down with no problem. Will immediately rushed to her and was so good with her. He was so patient and calm. While I was sitting with her and trying to calm her down, she asked for Daddy (I guess she is becoming a daddy’s girl).

Watching them sitting on the couch together and the way he was being so patient with her, I remembered all over again why I married him and wanted to have children with him…such a good daddy!

P.S. Ainsleigh is okay, she bumped her head and bit her lip so it looked worse than it really was. She looked a little like she had cologen injected into her lip though.

Christine Hull

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  • Will Hull


    I just now read this. Thank you, Christine. It warmed my heart. I love you.

    January 11, 2011 at 4:01 PM

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