We’re getting cabin fever!!!

div style=”text-align: left;”Today is day #6 of being mostly stuck in the house (our 7th snow day of the year, with more expected to come). We have ventured out twice since all the snow began, but today we have white out blizzard conditions and so we are not going anywhere. We have watched a lot of Noddy, Elmo, Cailou and so many other favorites. We have read every book on the shelf and are quite bored with the zillions of toys in the toy bin (aka the ottoman), so it was time to break out the paint! Yes that’s right you read that correctly, I let her paint this morning.


align=”center” style=”text-align:center; margin-top:.5em; margin-bottom:.5em; clear:both;””February Snowed In Morning Fun

February Snowed In Morning Fun

Winter Wave

Winter Walk

Here is the view from our house on Sunday or Monday (I don’t remember because the days all seem like one long day). Some how we are managing in our little house, all five of us. Tessa has been sick but seems to be better. All three humans in the house seem to have slight colds and Will and I are taking shifts with Ainsleigh in order to get things done since the outside world has not stopped like our city has.

We miss civilization and will be happy to dig out very soon!


Christine Hull

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    Glad you are coping so well with all that white stuff and hope Will doesn#39;t hurt himself shoveling. This will make a great story for your /Love,br /Nana

    February 10, 2010 at 11:09 PM

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