Happy New Year

It’s 2011, where did the time fly. We have two children, Ainsleigh will be 3 years old this year and we will be married for 4 years this year. Another big milestone for us is 2011 marks the 5th year we have lived in Virginia.

All of those milestones have gotten us (mainly me) thinking about what our future as a family holds. We always said we would try living on the East Coast for 5 years and then see how we like it and then decide about making it permanent. For me to be very honest moving back to the West Coast is more desirable for me, Will would really like to stay here but doesn’t hate the idea of moving “home”. Now the bigger question is, where in the heck would we go, Reno, San Diego, Northern California? We have absolutely no idea. But I can say that we are keeping our options open and moving this year is not completely out of the question.

A few years ago on New Year’s Eve we made a list of 101 things we wanted to do in 1001 days, that 1001 days is over this year (already wow seems like just yesterday) and so we have a lot to accomplish still and want to work on it.

One of those goals was for me to personally get myself back in shape and find some “me time” so I am putting it in writing that its time for me to do so. I decided to participate in the Couch to 5K program with a few of my mom friends and will be signing up for my first 5K in March, craziness but I am determined!

In other Hull household news, Will starts his new job next week and we have truly enjoyed the last few weeks as a family, its amazing how much you can grow as a family when you spend good quality time together.

We have had a lot of visitors and still have a few more coming, my best friend Jamie (Auntie Meme to Ainsleigh and Nolan, she is also Nolan’s godmother), will be visiting us next week and my mom heads back one more time in two weeks. Then I take the kids to San Diego and Reno for two weeks before I go back to work. Then its back to the normal life again, work, school, kids, etc.

So check back for updates as I am pretty sure 2011 is going to be an exciting year for the dc-hulls!

Christine Hull

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