Toby turns 3 today!

Toby, our little boy beagle is 3 years old today. Its really hard to believe its been three years since that little 4lb puppy came off the plane to meet us.

He and his little sister are truly enjoying their new backyard as well as his birthday present which was a doggy door. Here are some pictures of them walking through the door.

They quickly caught on to the idea of being able to go out whenever they want, but still need to be reminded once in a while. Tess was a little nervous because of the flap, but is enjoying letting the entire neighborhood know she is here, so we close it off from her after abotu 8:30 otherwise I am sure our neighbors would not appreciate us very much. Toby loves to go outside and just sniff and sit in the sun, he doesn’t bark too much but both neighbors have dogs so when they are out they all run up and down the fence line.

Well that’s it for now folks, we should have new pictures of the house up after next weekend, I am almost entirely unpacked (Will has a few boxes left but is busy with school). I have to work on the guest room since my Mom will be here off and on the entire month of March for work and my Dad and Lisa will be also visiting this month. They are going to help us get a nursery together so by the end of the month I should have pictures of Ainsleigh’s room for everyone to see.


Christine Hull

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