back yard re-do

when we first moved into our townhouse the owner told us we could do whatever we wanted with the backyard. of course we didn’t want to spend a fortune making someone else’s backyard a paradise but while we live here we want to be comfortable. will and i have always really enjoyed working in the yard (those of you who ever came to my house in sparks know how much fun we had in that back yard with our pond and wild flower garden).

so while i was away this summer will started working on the grass that the dogs have so lovingly destroyed with their passion for chasing squirrels. when i came home we went to walmart (i know i said it, i went to walmart) and home depot to buy some plants-they were half off because it was the end of the season!!! go me!!! we bought some top soil and got to work. i planted a bunch of smaller perenials and then a few larger perennials, like two butterfly bushes and some azelas.

br /we also got a playhouse for ainsleigh to enjoy the backyard, so far she has already invited two friends into her house and has another one planning to play on sunday. she is very excited to show off her new /pso onto the pics!

azelas and daylilliesbr /”

div align=”center”butterfly bush and lots of very colorful perenials

the new stone patio i made out of some pavers
that were laying around, this is so our garbage cans
and bikes don’t get so muddy all the time
toby was also on hand to help, kinda
(the big muddy spot is the grass area that will is working on,
as of yesterday the grass is actually starting to grow really well)br /
ringing the doorbell, what a proper little girl

well she really liked the doorbellbr

apparently she was invited inbr then she closed the door and rang the doorbell again

divmaking sure the car is still there

she invited toby inbr

br /

Christine Hull

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  • Anonymous


    How cute to have a doorbell and a mailbox. br /Love you Ainsleigh and I miss /Nana Jean

    August 17, 2009 at 4:43 AM

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